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What does this course cover?

See the learning outcomes for yourself: Spanish I or Spanish II

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"Remixable" course sequence allows the freedom to reorder and adjust content to fit how you teach Introductory Spanish to fit your course structure, term length, learning outcomes, etc.

All instructional content is outcome-aligned, including curated existing open educational resources (OER) and original new OER developed for this course. Content includes text, video, images, assessments. etc. 

Faculty resources include assignments, quiz banks, PowerPoint slides, in-class activities, and more.

Accessible, interactive content supports all students' success. 

  • Content designed for frequent practice and learning by doing. 
  • Practice questions include adaptive feedback to reinforce correct thinking or redirect mistakes. 
  • Inclusive design following W3C WCAG guidelines for navigation, keyboard accessibility, alt-text, captioning, etc.


Picture of quote from Jessica Traylor, Gordon State College: Waymaker courseware makes it easy for my students to be successful. From the pre-test to the study plan and creative assignments with rubrics, students have access to top-notch learning materials and technology at a very low price.

All this for just $25?

Yes. Waymaker courses replace expensive textbooks with well-designed highly effective learning materials. Standard pricing is $25/student per course. Special pricing and payment terms may apply to some institutions, including making Lumen course materials available at no cost to students. 

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Waymaker Introductory Spanish I & Spanish II

  • Waymaker Introductory Spanish I and II offer a comprehensive introductory Spanish sequence, developing a foundation to read, write, hear, and speak Spanish.
  • Course scope supports a communicative pedagogical approach, with learning design aligned with Day One Spanish Immersion programs. 
  • "Online-ready" learning design is also effective for face-to-face and hybrid delivery.
  • Up-to-date, engaging and interactive content invites frequent practice and feedback.
  • $25/student per term standard pricing.
  • Waymaker personalized learning tools improve student engagement and success.
  • Accessible design ensures content and assessments work well for students of varying abilities. 
  • Seamless LMS integration for Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace, Moodle.

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Supplemental Resources? Absolutely!

Fully customizable instructor resources make course design and set-up simple and effective.

See for yourself: Introductory Spanish I and II

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What's Waymaker Courseware?

Waymaker courseware combines OER content with personalized learning tools and analytics aimed at continuously improving learning, term over term. 
  • Personalized study plans give students immediate feedback so they know where to focus and how to improve. 
  • Automated nudges send timely, personalized messages to students to coach them on better study habits or congratulate them on strong performance. 
  • Early alerts flag struggling students while there's still time to intervene and help where they need it most. 

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