Request Access to Lumen Course Faculty Resources

Thank you for your interest in OER courses from Lumen Learning. Complete the form below to request access to Faculty Resources for one or more Lumen OER courses. (We'll be able to help you most quickly if you use the same course names we use in our Course Catalog.)  

Faculty Resources for each course may vary by subject. Typically they include some combination of: 

  • Sample assessments, quiz questions, practice tests, and/or assignments 
  • Instructor guidance on how to teach effectively with this OER course
  • Other supplemental resources, such as PowerPoint decks, study guides, etc.

To preserve academic integrity and protect against students gaining unauthorized access to Faculty Resources, we verify each request manually. The form asks you to include a reference URL (website link) to help us verify you are an instructor. This could be a link to the school's directory, a departmental web page, a RateMyProfessors listing, or some other website to help verify your instructor status. This helps us respond more quickly to your request.