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Lumen’s new Lumen One platform combines the best features available across Lumen to provide a teaching and learning experience designed to promote equitable outcomes for all students and to eliminate race, ethnicity, and income as predictors of success in survey-level courses.

In this demo, you will:

  • Discover the innovative features of Lumen One that set it apart from traditional courseware and textbooks.

  • Learn about the evidence-based strategies Lumen One employs to close achievement gaps, increase student participation, and accelerate learning. 

Tell us which course(s) you'd like to learn more about.  A member of the Lumen team will contact you in response to your form submission to help you review the course materials available and offer to schedule a demonstration of the courseware.

Note: This demo is for faculty,  administrators, and/or staff in Higher Education institutions in the United States.

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With a strong focus on helping all students succeed, Lumen One offers:

  • Tools to create a connection between students and faculty
  • Personalized study plans with immediate feedback to reinforce strong study skills
  • Easy-to-use automated messaging tools to better support students
  • Supported peer community that fosters belonging and provides students with meaningful help
  • Embedded resources to support faculty to use effective teaching practices and easily do their best work