Faculty Friday Webinars

Each webinar is offered at 9am and 12pm on the scheduled date. There will be a 45 minute presentation and a 15 minute Q&A. All the webinars will be recorded and shared on this page.

Going Beyond Adaptive: Online Courses and Personalized Learning Courseware

  • Presenter: Bill Pelz (SUNY Herkimer CC) and John Kane (SUNY Oswego)
  • Friday, February 14, 2020 - WATCH RECORDING
Adaptive learning platforms can sometimes feel like “robots in the sky” to students, swooping in to tell them what to learn but not why or how and leaving them feeling disconnected from their professor and institution. As a result, students may not develop the skills needed to become better learners while also eroding feelings of community, which can be particularly problematic in online courses. Join Dr. John Kane and Dr. Bill Pelz, both seasoned online instructors, to hear about how their use of personalized learning courseware, supported by Lumen Learning, is helping students improve learning while also developing robust academic skills and leading to more faculty-to-student engagement.

MyMathLab to Open Homework Solution: Lowering Cost and Gaining Freedom!

  • Presenter: Tatyana Khodorovskiy (Hunter College, CUNY)
  • Friday, February 21, 2020 - WATCH RECORDING

Homework systems have become critical technologies in most mathematics courses, allowing students to practice solving problems as much as needed, thanks to algorithmically generated questions, while saving instructor time through auto-grading. Unfortunately, many homework systems can be prohibitively expensive for students and not allow for customization by the instructor. Join Dr. Tatyana Khodorovskiy, mathematics professor at Hunter College (CUNY), to learn about how her move from MyMathLab to an “open” homework system, supported by Lumen Learning, and use of openly licensed textbooks has dramatically lowered costs while allowing her to customize courses to best meet her student’s learning needs.

Active Learning + Learning Analytics = Student Success

  • Presenter: William Carr (Medgar Evers College, CUNY)
  • Friday, February 28, 2020 - WATCH RECORDING

Hearing a lot about “active learning” and “learning analytics” but not sure what all the hype is about? Attend this webinar led by Dr. William Carr, professor of biology at Medgar Evers College (CUNY), to learn about how he is using learning data from personalized learning courseware, supported by Lumen Learning, to identify content in his course that is confusing to students and then actively engaging his students in developing new interactive activities. The best of these activities are selected for use in future semesters and is openly licensed to allow for use by other instructors around the world. 

LaGuardia CC Case Study: How to save math students $1 million!

  • Presenter: Alioune Khoule (LaGuardia CC, CUNY)
  • This webinar has been postponed due to a scheduling conflict. To receive notification for when it will be offered again, please register below

College affordability has gained the attention of mainstream media as well as many state and national politicians as a crisis facing higher education today. For those of us working in education, seeing students attempting to take courses without purchasing textbooks and access to critical technology systems has become commonplace. Join Dr. Alioune Khoule, mathematics processor at LaGuardia Community College (CUNY), to learn about their departmental-wide initiative to move all of their math courses to Open Educational Resources and “open” homework systems, supported by Lumen Learning, as means to dramatically lower costs for students. Best practices for gaining stakeholder support as well as how to scale pilots across all sections, which has helped them save students $1 million to date, will be shared.

Engaging Students in College Success: An Open Pedagogy Model

  • Presenter: Katie Lynch (SUNY Rockland CC)
  • Friday, March 13, 2020 - WATCH RECORDING

Many institutions have implemented First Year Seminars and college success initiatives to help prepare students to be successful and positively impact completion rates. Join us to learn about the work of a team at Rockland Community College (SUNY), co-led by Dr. Katie Lynch, who are designing a comprehensive First Year Program that combines advanced digital courseware, supported by Lumen Learning, with an open pedagogy model that involves students in creating content for future semesters. The goal of this initiative is to significantly increase student engagement in the program and, in turn, student success overall.