Funding from the Department of Higher Education Makes Lumen Learning Materials Available at No Cost for Select MA Institutions

The Digital Textbooks and Materials Pilot makes Lumen Learning's digital learning materials immediately available at no cost to students, faculty, or staff at the following institutions:

  • Bunker Hill Community College
  • Northern Essex Community College
  • Roxbury Community College 
  • Springfield Technical Community College
  • Fitchburg State University
  • Salem State University
  • Framingham State University

What does this mean for you and your students?

You can use Lumen Learning’s course materials at NO COST immediately. If you teach a general education course, there's a good chance that Lumen has digital courseware available for you to adopt completely free to your students. You can view their catalog of courses at

What do I need to do? 

  1. Review Lumen’s catalog to find materials appropriate for your course. Lumen has an extensive catalog, and they specialize in survey-level courses.

  2. Choose which Lumen materials you’d like to use or review - whether a complete course or modules.

  3. Let us know by emailing Lumen at

  4. One of the Lumen team members (listed below) will connect with you to walk through the content and provide any implementation assistance you may need.
    It's as easy as that!

If you are interested in receiving additional information about the grant, learning more about Lumen and its courseware, or need support implementing the Lumen resources, please contact the Lumen team at

Innovative ways you can take advantage of this program:

  • Adopt and assign Lumen course materials as the primary learning resource for your course(s).
  • Assign Lumen’s materials as supplemental learning materials to provide extra practice in areas critical to students' success. Some examples include:
    • Courses with which students struggle the most: For courses where students may struggle with math skills, use Lumen’s corequisite materials to provide them with extra practice that builds their math skills.
    • Grammar and writing skill practice: For courses where students can use extra support with their writing, use Lumen’s Composition materials to provide them with extra practice in critical areas like grammar. 
    • Build study skills and life skills: For courses where students can use more support in building their study skills, use Lumen’s College Success materials to give them the tools that develop the basic skills they need to adjust to and succeed in college and beyond. 
  • Use Lumen’s courseware to implement and/or administer Placement Testing.
  • OpenStax, Dana Center, and OER users: Adopt Lumen courseware that corresponds with and is aligned with your course.
  • MyOpenMath users: Use Lumen courseware to have support available for you and your students.

Your Lumen Team

Meet your partners in student success

Natalie Chakrian

Director of Teaching & Learning
📞  240-393-1459
Schedule time to meet.

Averie Connell

Regional Sales Director
📞 954-980-7798
Schedule time to meet.

Chris Podehl

Regional Sales Director 
📞 512-537-0511
Schedule time to meet.

Amy Horner

Director of Digital Learning Solutions
📞  812-243-7931
Schedule time to meet.

Casey Luquet

Director of Digital Learning Solutions
📞  561-602-2710
Schedule time to meet.

Jessica Szewczyk

Product Marketing Manager

"I've been able to use only one site for everything that the students and I need for my course. Lumen continues to facilitate my students' success."

Math Instructor
Bunker Hill Community College