Elevating Student Voice: Belonging in College Webinar Series

Deconstructing Inequities to Build and Sustain Belonging for All

This webinar series focuses on aspects of belonging as it relates to historically underrepresented and resilient identities and explores why creating a sense of belonging is integral to student success.

The goal of this series is to amplify diverse student voices to help student-facing staff better understand students' perspectives. Together, we can identify opportunities to enhance campus communities and better support the diverse needs of our students

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Beyond Labels: Navigating College with Diverse Abilities

Tuesday, October 10th,  2023, 2:00-3:00 PM 

Creating an inclusive and accessible learning environment is essential in higher education to ensure that all students, regardless of their abilities, have equal opportunities to succeed academically. Please join us to hear our student panelists share their journeys with the challenges they've faced and their triumphs when navigating college as a student. We hope faculty and staff will leave this webinar with a deeper understanding of how equity-centered and accessible learning environments can unlock the potential of all students. 

Smart Students, Smarter Learning:  Student’s Guide to AI in Education

Tuesday, November 14th, 2023 2:00-3:00 PM 

College students today engage with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various aspects of their education. Our student panelists will discuss how AI impacts their learning experiences, the opportunities it presents, and the ethical considerations that arise when integrating AI into higher education. This webinar will emphasize the need for ethically designed AI tools that enhance, rather than hinder, the educational journey.

Balancing Power: The Everchanging Dynamics Between Faculty & Students

Panelists: Faculty

About This Session: Words, actions, and intentions all have the power to impact a student’s experience in the classroom. Balancing power can start with small changes like providing more choices for students and embracing more collaborative teaching methods.    

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"Normal" Doesn't Exist: Neurodivergence and Belonging

Theme: Neurodiversity and belonging Panelists: Students

About This Session: In "Normal" Doesn't Exist: Neurodivergence and Belonging, a panel composed of college students who identify as neurodivergent will discuss what belonging means to them and their experiences with belonging in higher ed spaces. Panelists will discuss the importance of neurodivergence awareness and strategies for how faculty can increase a sense of belonging in students who identify as neurodivergent.

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Cultivating Belonging for Faculty & Students

Theme: Belonging Panelists: Faculty

About this session: Explore the importance of belonging in our upcoming webinar. This webinar will discuss why focusing on belonging is important, preview Lumen’s faculty professional development opportunity: Belonging and Inclusive Teaching Fundamentals, and share specific actions faculty can take to foster a sense of belonging in the learning environment.

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Black History Month Celebration: Honoring Incredible Minds in STEM

Theme: STEM and Belonging Panelists: Students

About this session: Celebrate the brilliant minds who have broken down barriers in STEM! Learn more about these extraordinary individuals' successes and struggles during this panel discussion - while gaining insight into ways of better supporting aspiring Black stem students.

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Mind Matters: Navigating College Life & Mental Well-Being 
Panelists: Students

 About This Session: We're diving into a topic that hits close to home for students everywhere- the mental health of college students. We all know that the college experience can have a huge impact on mental well-being, so it's crucial that we listen to our students and understand what they need from us. Throughout the webinar, you will hear from students about how educators can better support their students.

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Shining a Light on Identity and Belonging for Black College Students 

Theme: Black identity and belonging Panelists: Students

About This Session: In Shining a Light on Identity and Belonging for Black College Students, a panel composed of Black college students discuss Black identity, how they have experienced (or not experienced) belonging during their college experience, offer recommendations to faculty on how to increase Black students’ sense of belonging, and much more.

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The Unique Experiences of First-Gen Students

Theme: First-Gen Panelists: Students

About this session: In “The Unique Experiences of a First-Gen Student,” a panel composed of first-generation college students will be asked to reflect on how being a first-gen student affects their experience in higher education. They will discuss what being a "first-generation" student means and how their experiences differ from students who do not share their first-gen status. 

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Learning Online: The Realities of Being a Student Online

Theme: Online and Belonging Panelists: Students

About this session: Amidst the evolving educational landscape brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, online learning has carved a path for enhanced accessibility and offered another platform for the academic journey of college students. During the webinar, we will talk to students who have taken online classes and discuss how online learning has positively and negatively impacted their college experience.

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Belonging Across Cultures: Honoring Immigrant Identity 

 Panelists: Students

About This Session: In Belonging Across Cultures: Honoring Immigrant Identity, a panel composed of immigrant college students will discuss going beyond inclusion to what belonging and shared power look like in higher ed spaces. Panelists will discuss the importance of faculty seeing their cultural capital as an asset and discuss ways to capitalize upon that asset.   

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Latinx Belonging in Higher Education

Theme: Latinx and Belonging  Panelists: Students

About this session: In "Latinx Belonging in Higher Education," a panel composed of Latinx-identifying college students will discuss the realities of being a Latinx student. Panelists will discuss the importance of faculty seeing cultural identity as an asset and ways to appreciate and celebrate their student's cultural identities to encourage inclusion and a sense of belonging.  

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Celebrating Black Professionals in Higher Education 

Theme: Belonging Panelists: Faculty

About this session: This Black History Month, join us in recognizing the significant contributions of our esteemed Black faculty members to Higher Education. Hear personal reflections from leading professionals on their experiences as individuals and allies, fostering a supportive environment for other scholars of color within academia. Gain insights into how we can collectively honor and support the vast contributions of Black educators to the field.

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Belonging for LGBTQIA+ Students 

Theme: LGBTQIA+ identity and belonging Panelists: Students

About This Session: In Belonging for LGBTQ+ Students, students who are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community will share their experiences and perspective on what true belonging and shared power means to them within the college community. Panelists will share examples of how they experienced belonging and what a safe space truly is. 

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